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Stella Browne: writings

A few of her very scattered published papers.

Her first published statement on the necessity for the legalisation of abortion, 1915

The Sexual Variety and Variability of Women 1915/1917

The Work of Margaret Sanger: Birth Control in America 1917

Women and Birth Control 1917

Women and the Race 1917

A New Psychological Society 1917
(The British Society for the Study of Sex Psychology)

Ginger 1918
A rather different aspect of Stella

Havelock Ellis: His View of Women's Nature and Position 1919

Liberty and Democracy (on Edward Carpenter) 1921 (PDF 2.89MB)

The 'Women's Question' 1922

Women Workers Who Think 1922

The Feminine Aspect of Birth Control, 5th International Neo-Malthusian and Birth Control Conference, 1922 (PDF 2,71MB)

Mr Wheatley's Reply - And Ours 1924

The Right to Abortion, World League for Sexual Reform Congress, 1929 (PDF 1.70MB)

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