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Research resources

Feminist Libraries & Archives Network

The Women's Library
(formerly Fawcett Library); Now at the London School of Economics
A beloved and cherished resource
Genesis: developing access to women's history sources in the British Isles does not seem to be being maintained: there is an archived version here but the information in it is no longer being kept up to date

Images from the Women's Library: Suffrage Collection and Suffrage Banners

Friends of the Women's Library

The Feminist Archive South/Feminist Archive North

Institute of Education (University of London)
Useful source for archives of women in education

Archives for Research on Women and Gender Project
at the University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries
A resource guide, mostly but not entirely repositories in the USA

International Information Center and Archives of the Women's Movement, Amsterdam

Virtual Library of Women's History at the International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam, including VIVA: a bibliography of women's history

Biographical Dictionary of British Women Humanitarians, edited by Sybil Oldfield.

From History to Herstory: Yorkshire Women's Lives Online, 1100 to the present

The Mundus Gateway: missionary-related research resources (UK)

The Old Dyke
A useful personal website on lesbians in history (archived version)

Women of Brighton:
What it says. Surprising how many notable women have had some connection with the town. [Site seems to be restored after a hiatus]

gender Inn, the Women's and Gender Studies Database on the Internet
A searchable database providing access to over 7,500 records pertaining to feminist theory, feminist literary criticism and gender studies focusing on English and American literature

Australian Women's Archives Project

Archif Menywod Cymru / Women's Archive of Wales

Classic Feminist Writings from 'the Second Wave':
useful resource for now-hard-to-come-by texts from the 60s and 70s

International Museum of Women

Susan B Anthony: Celebrating "A Heroic Life"

Women Writers’ Networks

Judy Greenway's research on feminism, anarchafeminism, and sex and gender

thesuffragettes.org.uk [formerly suffragette.org.uk]

Women and Social Movements, International— 1840 to Present
'a landmark collection of primary materials. Through the writings of women activists, their personal letters and diaries, and the proceedings of conferences at which pivotal decisions were made, this collection lets you see how women’s social movements shaped much of the events and attitudes that have defined modern life. We will be adding regularly to the database to bring it to its final complement of 150,000 pages of documents.'

FRAGEN: Core European feminist texts online

Women's History Sources
'a collaborative blog that serves as a current awareness tool for anyone who is interested in primary sources at archives, historic sites and museums, and libraries. Although there is an emphasis on U.S. women's history, our goal is for the blog to be international in scope.'

"Woman and Her Sphere: Elizabeth Crawford's website: nuggets from her research and books for sale

The Hypatia Project
The Hypatia Collection at the University of Exeter comes from the Hypatia Library, set up in Cornwall by Dr Melissa Hardie in 1996 to record the achievements and contributions of women world-wide in all fields of endeavour. The Hypatia Project was founded in 2017 in order to create a digital showcase of highlights from the collection; honouring the Hypatia Trust's aim to make these texts available to the widest possible audience, The collection at Exeter is part of a larger collection (other parts can be found in Cornwall and America); the whole comprising of 'books, documents and artifacts that concern women's role in history and contemporary life'. Dedicated to documenting women's lives through research, publication, and exhibition, it includes many ephemeral titles and books on subjects and by writers traditionally excluded from the academic canon.

Vicky Iglikowski-Broad's posts on The National Archives blog on women's suffrage-related materials in TNA holdings

Lesbian London, Past and Present: Community Research Project

"Time and Tide: Connections and Legacies": exploring the interwar history and ongoing relevance of Time and Tide, the influential feminist magazine that was launched in 1920. Founded by Welsh businesswoman and feminist Lady Rhondda, Time and Tide became one of the leading reviews of politics and culture during the interwar years, competitive with the New Statesman, and was the only woman-controlled publication of its kind.

Women's History Carnival showcases recent blogging about women's and gender history

HOWL: History of Women's Liberation: 'The main aim of HOWL is to collect and publish the memories and stories of feminists involved in any of the many layers of the UK Women’s Liberation Movement.'

See also Some favourite archives and resources

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Organisations and Institutions

Women's History Network
UK Network for all women interested in women's history.

And there's also the Women's History Scotland which is very lively.

Women's History Month website

WISE: Women's International Studies Europe

International Federation for Research in Women's History

The Sylvia Pankhurst Memorial Committee

Feminist Review Trust:
funding research and other scholarly activity on all aspects of gender. Committed to the advancement of public understanding of gender in all social relations.

Strathclyde Centre in Gender Studies

Institute for Feminist Theory and Research

Feminist Crime Research Network

The Fisher Center for the Study of Women and Men
at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Geneva, NY

Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies

Centre for Interdisciplinary Gender Studies (CIGS), University of Leeds

Women's Education, Research and Resource Centre, University College Dublin

Association for Women's Rights in Development

AHRB Centre for Law, Gender and Sexuality
A partnership between the Universities of Kent, Keele and Westminster.

Centre for Research into Gender in Culture and Society
University of Wales Swansea

Institute for Gender Studies
Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Società Italiana delle Storiche
Italian Association of Woman Historians (site is in Italian) [Jan 2011 site appears to be defunct]

Centre for the Interdisciplinary Study of Sexuality and Gender in Europe, University of Exeter

Centre for Research in Sex, Gender and Sexuality
Roehampton University

History of Feminism Network
Celebrating, exploring and debating the history of feminism

History of Women Religious of Britain and Ireland

Birkbeck Institute for Gender and Sexuality Studies

MATILDA: the first Joint European Master Degree in Women’s and Gender History
Being set up by consortium of five European universities

Gender Institute, London School of Economics

Women's Studies Group, 1558-1837

Femininity and Masculinity Project

Women, Internationalisms, and Gender 1848 to the Present

Centre for Sex, Gender and Sexualities, Durham University

International Centre for Victorian Woman Writers

University of Birmingham Sexuality and Gender Studies

WISRNet: Women in Science Research Network

Women, Work and Value in Europe, 1945-2015: 'This research network, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, brings together academics, members of the public, interest groups and policy makers to discuss the relevance of past experiences of work for the challenges facing today's society'.

The Bedford Centre for the History of Women: Promoting research into the history of women and gender and public histories of women

Trafficking Past; Exploring sex, work and migration in modern history

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Spare Rib, complete run, 1972-93, online

Women's History Review

Journal of Women's History

Feminist Review

Gender and History

gender forum: an internet platform for gender and women's studies. Online Journal

Journal of International Women's Studies
'an on-line, peer reviewed journal that provides a forum for scholars, activists, and students to explore the relationship between feminist theory and various forms of organizing. The journal seeks both multidisciplinary and cross-cultural perspectives'

Feminist Studies

Lilith: A Feminist History Journal
published at the University of Melbourne: 'a forum for the publication of new scholarly work by both established historians and post-graduate students. It is now published annually. While Lilith is based within the History Department at the University of Melbourne, it publishes diverse articles grounded in research undertaken in different countries. These articles deal with historical subject matter that is of interest internationally and crosses the spectrums of time periods and what is understood as 'feminist history'

Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies
'a peer-reviewed, online journal committed to publishing insightful and innovative scholarship on gender studies and nineteenth-century British literature, art and culture'

'Aspasia is an international and peer-reviewed yearbook that seeks to bring out the best scholarship in the field of interdisciplinary women’s and gender history focusing on, and especially produced in Central, Eastern, and South Eastern Europe'.

L'HOMME. Europäische Zeitschrift für Feministische Geschichtswissenschaft/European Journal of Feminist History
'an interface between various cultures of linguistic and academic cultures and takes various topics and regional contexts into account.'

The Latchkey: A Journal of New Woman Studies

Clio. Histoire, Femmes et Sociétiés

HerStoria magazine and Discover Women's History Web

Journal of Research on Women and Gender: peer-reviewed online journal

Assuming Gender: An international, interdisciplinary journal

'an online publication created by students of the Sarah Lawrence College Women’s History Graduate Program. In the interest of fostering dialogue, RE/VISIONIST aims to promote a critical analysis of history and contemporary issues through the lens of multiple feminisms. We focus on the intersections of lived realities and histories, such as the experiences related to race, class, gender, sexuality, age, and ability. We strive to keep the question, 'who gets to write history?' on the table.'

Journal of Feminist Scholarship
'a new twice-yearly, peer-reviewed, open-access journal published online and aimed at promoting feminist scholarship across the disciplines, as well as expanding the reach and definitions of feminist research'

[Research Resources] [Organisations and Institutions] [Journals] [Conferences] [E-mail lists] [Menstruation sites]

Conferences, Seminars, etc

Women in Science: Opportunities
October 5-6, 2023, American Philosophical Society , Philadelphia

History of the Philosophy of Pregnancy Conference
6-7 October 2023, University of Dayton, Ohio

Women Staging and (Re-) Staging the Nineteenth Century II
Literature, Arts and Performance Research Group
October 18-20, 2023, University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain

Women and Children as Sites of Intervention: Past, Present, Future
Pierre du Bois Annual Conference
18-19 October 2023, Maison de la Paix, Geneva

Women’s Bodies, Women’s Rights. Health Feminism, Reproductive Knowledge and Women's Activism Across Europe in the long 20th Century
19-21 October 2023, University of Konstanz, Germany

Workshop: ‘Labour Pains: Mothers and Motherhood on the Left in the Twentieth Century’
November 17th 2023, Mile End Institute, Queen Mary University of London

Twentieth-century Culture and the Reproductive Body: Bridging Disciplinary Divides
2 December 2023, The Thackray Museum of Medicine, Leeds UK

How have grassroots women's organisations effectively championed women's rights, locally and globally, since 1918?
19-20 January 2024, online via Zoom

Seminar: 'Female Voices through Time', ACLA - American Comparative Literature Annual Meeting 2024
March 14th - 17th 2024, Palais des congrès de Montréal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The Women's Art Collection: Artworks and Artists in Context
15 March 2024, Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge. in person and online

Global Conference on Women and Gender: Revitalizing Ecofeminism: The Intersection of Gender and Nature
March 21-23, 2024, Christopher Newport University’s College of Arts and Humanities

3rd Anne Lister Society Conference
5-6 April 2024, Halifax, UK

Women and Worlds of Learning in Europe: From the Medieval to the Modern Day
12-13 April 2024, Oxford

Gendered Advocacy and Activism, Shaping Institutions and Communities
Rural Women's Studies Association Triennial Conference
May 15-19, 2024, Arkansas State University, Jonesboro, Arkansas, USA

Gender and History beyond Boundaries: 9th Congress of the Italian Association of Women Historians (SIS)
20-22 June 2024, University of Palermo

Mothering and Motherhood: Past, Present, and Future 21-23 June 2024, Boston University and online

Abortion & Reproductive Justice: The Unfinished Revolution IV: 2024 TBC

Additional conferences which may be of interest can be found at Useful Links: History of Sexuality: Conferences

[Research Resources] [Organisations and Institutions] [Journals] [Conferences] [E-mail lists] [Menstruation sites]

Menstruation sites

Menstruation Research Network

The Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health

The Museum of the Menovulatory Lifetime

The Keeper: reusable menstrual cup

Women's Environmental Network Seeing Red: sanitary protection and the environment (pdf)

Society for Menstrual Cycle Research

E-mail lists

H-WOMEN e-mail discussion list
Perhaps more strongly orientated toward North American women's history than UK or Europe,
but definitely of interest.

The Women's History Network has its own mailing list.

Scholars of Single Women Network: includes news, resources as well as list.

WHOM: Listserv for Women Historians of Medicine

History of Feminism Network

Gender-related electronic forums
INTERNET RESOURCES ON WOMEN: Using Electronic Media in Curriculum Transformation
Three extremely useful compendious, annotated and frequently updated pages by Joan Korenman

[Research Resources] [Organisations and Institutions] [Journals] [Conferences] [E-mail lists] [Menstruation sites]


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