History of sexuality

Intute Social Sciences Link 'a History of Sexuality page any social historian would do well to visit.'

Netsurfer Digest Volume 05, Issue 29, September 14, 1999

'given the dignity of scholarship to a very delicate and difficult subject'

The Lancet on Havelock Ellis and his Studies in the Psychology of Sex, 1910.

The Condom Page
How to make sheepgut condoms, some reading suggestions on condom history and other condom-related items, including a few pictures. And an article on the history of the condom
The clitoris: historical myths and facts, with article on the clitoris in history
Literary abortion: mentions of abortion in literary texts
Victorian sex factoids: some much reiterated canards


Recent Recommended Reading
Bibliography of my published writings


Eight papers on assorted topics

'The Other in the Mirror: Sex, Victorians and Historians' a piece in progress about problems and stereotypes in thinking about Victorian sexuality
now with expanded bibliography

'The Great Scourge': Syphilis as a medical problem and moral metaphor, 1880-1916
A paper written for and given at a Courtauld Institute Symposium, 23 May 1998: Le Grand Mort. Twentieth Century Bodies, Sexuality, Death and Degeneracy, and unlikely to appear anywhere in exactly this form.

Historicising the History of Sexuality: a short essay

Gender and Archives a rather longer version of my presentation at the Genders and Archives workshop at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 21 January 2005

Sexuality and history: achievements and challenges. A personal view: English version of article published in Contemporanea, XIV/4, ottobre 2011

Situating Stopes: or putting Marie in her proper place: keynote paper presented at Birth of the birth control clinic conference, 11th March 2011, at the Institute of Historical Research as part of IHR@90

Eugenics and Gender (pdf): originally given at #UCLfacesRACE: Eugenics@UCL event, 10th October 2014

Women’s rights to sexual pleasure (pdf): an essay commissioned but in the event not published, Aug 2019

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