Women's history

The borderline between what I think of as history of sexuality and what might be more often thought of as women's history or history of gender is fairly fuzzy.
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My own writings and reviews on women's history, and Recent Recommended Reading

Literary abortion: page on literary references to abortion

British Women Novelists, 1910s-1960s: 'The middle-brows'. Some (mostly) undervalued favourites

A Women's History Walk around Bloomsbury with map

Women in medicine
an unpublished paper plus some historical facts and figures

Gender and Archives
a rather longer version of my presentation at the Genders and Archives workshop at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 21 January 2005

Situating Stopes: or putting Marie in her proper place: keynote paper presented at Birth of the birth control clinic conference, 11th March 2011, at the Institute of Historical Research as part of IHR@90

Eugenics and Gender (pdf): originally given at #UCLfacesRACE: Eugenics@UCL event, 10th October 2014

Women’s rights to sexual pleasure (pdf): an essay commissioned but in the event not published, Aug 2019

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