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Women and medicine

Now online: Hygieia's Handmaids: Women, Health and Healing: A catalogue of an exhibition at the Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine, 19th September-16th December 1988

Women and the medical professions
The text of my lecture given to the Society of Apothecaries Diploma in the History of Medicine Course, 1994-1998, 2001-2003. Some of the material on the C20th featured in my paper on women in medicine and science in Sybil Oldfield's volume, This Working-Day World: women's lives and cultures in Britain, 1914-1945 (1994), but most of it is unlikely to appear anywhere else in this form. Unfortunately I haven't yet worked out a way to include the many slides.
Plus the associated handouts:
Women enter the medical profession in Britain, 1849-1894
Institutions which admitted women to medical education,
and when, before 1948 and the National Health Service after which all teaching hospitals had to admit women students (though quotas remained in existence for several decades)
Women in medicine: some figures
of the professional areas in which they were found and in what concentration, from surveys done in 1928, 1944, and 1974

Medical Women's Federation website
which includes (the somewhat truncated) text of my article '80 years of the Medical Women's Federation: The MWF archives in the Contemporary Medical Archives Centre, Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine', published in Medical Woman: Bulletin of the Medical Women's Federation, Vol 16 no 2, Summer 1997.

Further reading: see my article on 'Women in science: medicine' in Reader's Guide to the History of Science, edited by Arne Hessenbruch, Fitzroy Dearborn (2000)

Women in science (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

I presented the George Hay Memorial Lecture of the Science Fiction Foundation, at Eastercon 2012, on Invisible Women: The Scientists People Don't See (video). Unfortunately this no longer seems to be available, even by way of the Wayback Machine. I have therefore made a pdf of the text of my lecture.

The Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Gallery, at the UNISON Centre, formerly the site of the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital

Biographical Dictionary of British Women Humanitarians, edited by Sybil Oldfield (2001), contains many women doctors and other health workers.

Women of 19th Century Bloomsbury: Women in Medicine

WHOHM: Women Historians of Health and Medicine [formerly WHOM: Women Historians of Medicine]
Has a Facebook page
Blog: Women Historians of Medicine: A Committee of the American Association of the History of Medicine
The listserv for women working in the history of public health, health issues, medicine, and medical sciences continues to operate. The list provides an informal way for women historians to cooperate, network, strategize, and circulate information. To subscribe send an email to whom-request@umich.eduwith the word SUBSCRIBE as the SUBJECT of the message.

Changing the Face of Medicine: Celebrating America's Women Physicians
Online exhibition at the National Library of Medicine

The Archives for Women in Medicine at the Countway Center for the History of Medicine, Boston, USA

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