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Gender and Archives
British Women Writers 1910-1960s: the 'middlebrows' G B Stern: brief bibliography Pamela Frankau: brief bibliography
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History of Sexuality
History of Sexuality: my own publications
The Other in the Mirror: Sex Victorians and Historians The Great Scourge: syphilis as medical problem and moral metaphor Historicising the History of Sexuality: a short essay Gender and Archives Sexuality and history: achievements and challenges. A personal view Situating Stopes: or putting Marie in her proper place Eugenics and Gender (pdf) Women’s rights to sexual pleasure (pdf)
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Women's History
Women's History: my publications
Gender and Archives Situating Stopes: or putting Marie in her proper place Eugenics and Gender (pdf) Women’s rights to sexual pleasure (pdf)
Women and Medicine 'Women and the Medical Professions' Women enter the medical profession, 1849-1894 Institutions admitting women to medical education pre 1948 Women in medicine: some figures
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